Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Random Relationship Thought #1

What's this obsession with this new use of the word "drama" as it applies to relationships? It's always followed by an implied accusation toward past partners--which I thought was a dating no-no. Has anyone ever noticed that the very person who would say "no drama" is the one causing the tension? How about they stop being a jerk to their partners, then accusing said partners of drama when they try to defend themselves.

From the outside it looks like one person is deliberately setting the other up for a fall so they can appear to be the calm, logical levelheaded one. It's illogical, because they don't appear calm they appear to manipulate and avoid. What I see is them hating anyone who would be with them so much that they would do anything to get one over on their mate.

There are two possible solutions: 1) Exorcise or at least recognize those mommy/daddy issues via therapy, or 2) Don't get into a relationship in the first place. Otherwise, they're going to end up dating nervous doormats.

TheSarcastivist has spoken.

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