Thursday, August 12, 2010

Beta Blockers

Today's beef: Software and online games that hide behind the word "beta". What that really means is, "Please excuse our inability to roll out new features without causing all sorts of problems." I don't buy it for one minute. Either admit you can't outsmart a computer or get yourself some good old fashioned, end-user software testers.

Remember when software testing involved using software, not having a degree in Computer Science? Banks of average citizens making $35 an hour (in 1980s dollars) sat at a computer playing with MS Word and Tetris all day, reporting any annoying glitches, non-intuitive actions and unnecessary or cumbersome options that only a programmer would use. Programs weren't foisted on an unsuspecting public before 99.9% of all oddities were removed. It was a delightful era, when cars were still made of metal and water came from a tap. Sigh.

I would like to have that job. Online games and digital fidgeting are addictive and time consuming, and I would welcome a paycheck for doing what I do naturally. Many people I play with or against aren't all that bright (sorry) so they don't know why certain things bother them. They just know they're bothered. It would be my way of making a buck while coming to the aid of those who cannot help themselves. Giving back, as it were.

If anyone out there accidentally reading my blog is in a position to hire me, please contact me by posting a comment. I'm available immediately.

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